Did you Know? Tri Counties Crusaders Reentry Program and Williams Outreach partnered with the IRS to bring a Free Vita/ site to your community.

Tri Counties Crusaders Reentry Program and Williams Outreach collaborated with the IRS to bring the (SPEC) program to our community Stakeholder Partnerships, Education and Communication these types of partnerships allow community outreach to grow and evolve.

Through tremendous work and dedication, the TCC-Vita Center program has blossomed to help over 100 taxpayers in the Jacksonville area in 2016. This area was underserved by VITA, and our site was a great addition to their program. Which has enabled many people in the Jacksonville area to receive FREE assistance with their income tax returns.

Every year, there are challenges, and 2016 year was no different, but despite the learning curves the first year of VITA, the late extended legislation, foul weather and problems between the TaxWise software and the state of North Carolina returns, the 2016 accomplishments of the “Tri-Counties Crusaders VITA program were impressive”, reported the area IRS outreach specialist, they offer thanks and congratulations. Tri Counites Crusaders, Reentry program for engaging our community and empowering individuals.  Because of some dedicated volunteers became stakeholders in their community by becoming Certified Tax Preparer.

 Tri Counties Crusaders VITA program results:  

-Over 100 tax returns were filed.

-Over $146,361 in refunds were claimed.

-39 returns with the Earned Income Tax Credit were filed generating over $66,777 in EITC (which was utilizes in this community)

-Based on the average of $175 tax preparation cost = the volunteer return preparation programs helped our Jacksonville neighbors to save over $17,500 which is critical with the substantial increase in the cost of living over the last several years.

-Direct Deposit rate was 69% of the returns prepared at our site. Direct deposits save our taxpayer dollars by reducing IRS processing fees and eliminating the expenses involved with mailing checks, as well as preventing the taxpayer from having their check lost or stolen.


-Another important aspect of our program is to assist taxpayers with due balance issues, helping them to come into compliance and guiding them in solutions to alleviate future balance due to tax returns.  In 2016, (3) balance due returns were prepared at the volunteer site, resulting in more than $1,633 in federal taxes owed, and because these returns were e-filed before the April 18th deadline, taxpayers avoided the failure to file penalty on their balance due returns.

The staff’s selfless dedication to the program and professionalism with the program speaks volumes about our character and the broader vision that we possess, working towards the greater good of Jacksonville and surrounding communities.  However, this tax season is upon us, and we are always seeking to train volunteers.   https://youtu.be/YrGl0KijTEc     Training is offered both online and in the classroom. Tax sites are generally open nights and weekends and the hours are flexible. You will surely find a volunteer site close to you. For additional information and next steps, submit your inquiry now using the VITA/TCE Volunteer and Partner Sign Up, and you will be one step closer to becoming a VITA or TCE tax volunteer and giving back to your community.

As you well know, the Earned Income Tax Credit is the greatest tool that we possess to lift families from poverty, and you understand the opportunity presented by a substantial income tax refund that includes EITC and what a difference it can make in the life of a struggling individual or family.

On an encouraging note, the IRS estimates that over 81% of those eligible for EITC are now claiming it, which is a positive reflection on our outreach efforts.

In 2016, 39% of the returns e-filed using TaxWise qualified for EITC, so we’re definitely reaching our targeted demographic. We were also able to assist families with children, with 17% of the clients qualifying for the Child Tax Credit and Additional Child Tax Credit bringing in an additional $38,095 into the local community in CTC/ACTC.

Our agency is part of the VITA Prisoner Re-entry Program Outreach which also works to equip former offenders with helpful tax information and resources to resolve tax issues upon release. They inform inmates about available tax credits and free resources for tax compliance, and encourage voluntary compliance and discourage involvement in tax scams.For that, the IRS and the Taxpayers thanked us.

Tri Counties Crusaders Reentry program continues its ongoing efforts to bring financial stability to our Jacksonville area families.

Which create opportunities for former offenders to transform their own lives by fostering cognitive behavioral changes, fiscal responsibility classes, promoting personal accountability, healthy relationships and positive contributions our society.


Our office hours are:

TUE            10:00 AM    –        5:00PM

WED          10:00 AM    –        5:00PM

THU           10:00 AM    –        5:00PM

Tri Counties Crusaders and Williams Outreach
99 Village Drive, Ste 5

Jacksonville, NC 28546-7060
Drop-Off Site option: Requires Return Visit

Phone: 910-353-3119  or  910 939 5173
Volunteer Prepared Taxes
Dates of service :  30 JAN 2017 – 17 APR 2017


Appointments are seen first

Closed on all Holidays and Local School closures




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