About Us

Tri-Counties Crusaders, Inc. Re-entry program is a 501 c(3) non-profit program

Mission Statement

Tri-Counties Crusaders re-entry program seeks to promote the greatest potential in the pre and post-release offender population of Eastern North Carolina and create safer communities by removing barriers and reducing victimization through a holistic programming.

Our Vision

Tri-Counties Crusaders re-entry program creates opportunities for former offenders to transform their own lives by fostering cognitive behavioral changes, promoting personal responsibility, healthy relationships and positive contributions to society.  Our Cognitive Behavioral Health program provides job coaching, life skills training, mental health referrals, one to one mentoring, community outreach, veteran referrals, and faith-based counseling, homeless prevention and prison transitional services, and evidence-based assessments to help reduce recidivism and stimulate entrepreneurship and family reunification.